Lawyer in Montreal, Maurice Lasry

Insurance Law

With the insurance industry in constant evolution, it's important to count on a lawyer who brings to the table a strong understanding of insurance law and knowledge of industry trends. Mr. Lasry is well equipped to deal with a range of insurance and professional liability matters.

When you're a victim of personal damage, property damage, or professional negligence, he understands that it's a stressful experience to deal with insurance companies. Each claim requires extra sensitivity and diligence -- and Mr. Lasry offers both -- having achieved a successful track record of resolving claims for his clients.

Depending on the nature of the claim, Mr. Lasry will determine the best legal recourse in defending your interests. From litigation in court to using an alternative dispute resolution method such as mediation, he'll work diligently for you to deliver a successful outcome.

Areas of Practice:

  • Insurance Claim Disputes
  • Insurance Coverage / Policy Issues
  • Property Insurance Law
  • Malpractice Claims
  • Personal Injury
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