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Mediation and Negotiation

Mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), focuses on aiding two or more disputing parties to reach an agreement. The mediator's role as the neutral third party is to encourage dialogue between the parties and ensure that the talks stay on course towards the reaching of a settlement. The legal matters brought before a mediator often involve business disputes and civil law matters.

Mediation Offers You Many Benefits Over Litigation

Choosing to resolve your dispute through mediation offers you a number of advantages over litigation: it saves you money, time, and puts you right in the driver's seat by giving you total control over the process. Whereas litigation results in a binding judgement over your dispute, in mediation the parties decide for themselves whether or not they agree to the settlement. The result is a "win-win" outcome for all parties involved.

Mr. Lasry is called upon by the Quebec Justice Ministry to act as an official mediator on litigious cases. Because the court system is already overburdened, mediation helps to alleviate this situation by bringing you a faster resolution to your case.

An Experienced Civil and Commercial Mediation Lawyer

Certified by the Quebec Bar, Mr. Lasry is a bilingual mediator who has mediated numerous cases for clients involved in civil and commercial disputes. His skills as a seasoned commercial and civil mediator have enabled him to unite the disputing parties; clarify the issues on the table; address key concerns on all sides of the dispute; and assist the parties in exploring alternative solutions. All in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Unlike the adversarial nature of the litigation process, mediation brings together the disputing parties in a spirit of mutual collaboration and teamwork.

Mr. Lasry's expertise as a mediation lawyer, combined with his skills as a fair and balanced negotiator, have enabled him to bring about mutually-acceptable, win-win outcomes for disputants involved in a wide range of conflicts over matters that include:

  • Business Disputes
  • Workplace Disputes
  • Employment Contracts
  • Leases
  • Insurance Claims
  • Personal Injury

Helping You Reach A Mediated Settlement

Why waste your valuable time and money in court when you can resolve your situation successfully through mediation?

If you are currently involved in a civil or commercial dispute, chances are that mediation is a good option for you. Mr. Lasry will put his expertise at work to help you reach a quick and affordable mediated settlement that you'll be happy with.

Contact him today for a free legal consultation by phone to find out if mediation can work for you.

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