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Below are useful links to particular sites of interest that you may wish to consult from time to time to inform yourself about a particular legal topic applicable to Quebec or Canadian Law.

Ministère de la Justice
Official site of the Quebec Minister of Justice. Provides comprehensive information about the Quebec legal system, and information on a variety of legal matters including your available recourses.

Department of Justice Canada
Offers information about the Canadian system of justice and federal policies and programs.

Canadian Human Rights Commission
Human rights watchdog agency focused on resolving employment descrimination complaints (based on race, disability, age, etc.).

Barreau du Québec
Official site of the Quebec Bar, offering information and services to the public.

Canada Law Book (Carswell)
Company that publishes a wide variety of excellent legal books and information in all areas of Canadian law, authored by top legal scholars in Canada. Search the site by legal topic to find all available offerings.

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